While running operations for a property management software company, I quickly realized that the commercial real estate industry put up with a lot of expense and inefficiency when it came to managing access control.  Solutions were complex, integration was poor and on-premise systems had several failure points.  These troubled areas along with the inevitable growth in the general public's desire to implement more security lead me to start Latitude Security Solutions.  

LSS is a culmination of over two decades of software company experience, hands-on access control implementation experience and a business model that puts service ahead of anything else.  This is about providing security solutions as a service and not as a product.  


As a career-long software consultant and savvy developer, I can easily vett technical challenges and break down solutions into simplistic deliverables that meet my client's needs.  The opportunity to start Latitude Security Solutions enables me to break the mold on how security solutions can be packaged and installed.  I take pride in enabling our installers to be impressed with how easy it is to install our solutions.  


I was classically trained in New York's financial district developing, training and deploying enterprise software applications for over a decade, until running a household became paramount.  It's great to be applying all my skills building a great company where the main focus providing great products and a stellar customer experience.