Latitude Security Solutions is built on the premise that facility security can be so much easier.  It begins with great technology on a cloud-based platform.  Adopting that platform, exclusively, enables our company to operate with great efficiency and apply much attention to detail.  Our model is about delivering exceptional service, because a poor customer experience equals a poor business model.

We are here to deliver:

  • Quality Security Solutions
  • Quick, Clean and Comprehensive Installation Services
  • Professional Customer Support

We know that clients don't want to spend a lot of time, a lot of money, and especially experience any pain implementing and supporting a new security solution.  It's our job to provide the best technology that meets your needs and back it with wonderful service.  

How do we do it?  It starts with great products that we hand-selected.  We are not in the business of supplying all products under the sun and then cobble together a solution that meets our margins first and our client's needs second.  We leave that philosophy to the competition.  

Our approach is to deliver One great product for Access Control and One great product for Video, which just so happens to be tightly integrated to make One great solution.  This approach enables us to be true experts with our hand-selected technology and all of its applications.   We like to think of ourselves as gurus in our own domain.  Just like our clients, who need to be gurus in their domain and not worry about their security system.